Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Myosin VI-Dependent Actin Cages Encapsulate Parkin-Positive Damaged Mitochondria

Antonina J. Kruppa,Chieko Kishi-Itakura, Thomas A. Masters, Joanna E. Rorbach, Guinevere L. Grice, John Kendrick-Jones, James A. Nathan, Michal Minczuk, Folma Buss

  • The authors identify a protein MYO6 which triggers the formation of F-actin cages to form around damaged mitochondria (mitochondria were damaged using a variety of pharmacological means)
  • These cages form a physical barrier, preventing damaged mitochondria from refusing with the network
  • MYO6 interacts with other proteins known to recruit autophagosomes to damaged mitochondria

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