Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Interesting papers

MitoNEET-dependent formation of intermitochondrial junctions
Alexandre Vernay, Anna Marchetti, Ayman Sabra, Tania N. Jauslin, Manon Rosselin, Philipp E. Scherer, Nicolas Demaurex, Lelio Orci, and Pierre Cosson 
  • MitoNEET, a factor which contributes to the formation of inter-mitochondrial junctions is knocked out. Network becomes more fragmented and there are fewer mitochondria.

Hypothalamic stem cells control ageing speed partly through exosomal miRNAs
Yalin Zhang, Min Soo Kim, Baosen Jia, Jingqi Yan, Juan Pablo Zuniga-Hertz, Cheng Han & Dongsheng Cai
  • Secretions from stem cells in the hypothalamus, consisting of exosomes containing miRNAs, can slow down ageing phenotypes. The hypothalamus becomes an inflammatory environment with age. Modifying stem cells to become resistant to inflammation (via the NF-kB pathway) and implanting them into brains of mid-aged mice can slow down ageing.

Increased mitochondrial fusion allows the survival of older animals in diverse C. elegans longevity pathways
Snehal N. Chaudhari & Edward T. Kipreos
Nature Communications
  • Mitochondrial fusion is permissive of extended lifespan, but not sufficient.

Selective removal of deletion-bearing mitochondrial DNA in heteroplasmic Drosophila
Nikolay P. Kandul, Ting Zhang, Bruce A. Hay & Ming Guo
Nature Communications
  • Mitophagy is able to alter heteroplasmy levels of a deleterious mtDNA deletion mutation in Drosophila. Overexpression of PINK1 and Parkin produce large reductions in the frequency of deleterious mutations.

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