Thursday, 24 April 2014

calorie restriction changes mitochondrial ultrastructure

CR (Calorie restriction) leads to a longer life span, less cancer and fewer mitochondrial diseases. What is the effect of CR on mitochondria?

In this study they show that CR induced
  • increases in mitochondrial mass
  • increases in mitochondrial size
  • increases in the number of mitochondria per cell
  • increases in the number of cristae per mitochondrion
  • increases in the mean cristae length
  • increases in mitochondrial biogenesis.

They found that CR caused slight decreases in levels of Drp1 and Fis1. They measured only total levels of Drp1, not its phosphorylation levels. They did not find significant changes in the levels of the fusion proteins OPA1, MFN1 and MFN2.

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